Lornah - African sportswear

Wearing Lornah is feeling the spirit of Africa on your skin, in your soul, in your life. Lornah offers unique feminine African designs, fine fabrics and an exceptionally elegant fit. Women wear Lornah to perform, to feel good, to enjoy life.

Feel the African spirit

Lornah Kiplagat was born in 1974, in a very small village on the ouskirts of the Rift Valley in Kenya. Against all odds, despite living a time and a culture with very limited opportunities for girls and women, Lornah managed to start a career in athletics.

Lornah's inspirational life story is about courage, dedication, determination, a strong will to survive and a lot of hard work. Lornah's Sports and Lifestyle Fashion collection expresses Lornah's personal refusal to go by the rules and her heartfelt desire to embrace female empowerment.