GORE® R5 Sleeveless Shirt

A slim fitting singlet for hot conditions, the GORE® R5 Sleeveless Shirt is designed for the purposeful athlete. Wear this shirt when you need to fit in a run, and then get on with your day. Mesh inserts will keep you moving as the day heats up.

GORE® R3 Shirt

When you're out on the trails, running and hiking, you shouldn't worry about comfort. The GORE® R3 Shirt features incredibly soft fabric against the skin, paired with hard wearing outer seams and a high neckline for use with your favorite backpack.

GORE® R5 Zip Shirt

When you're out on the trails, running and hiking, this durable shirt will go the distance. The GORE® R5 Zip Shirt features soft and breathable fabric, paired with hard wearing outer seams and a high neckline for use with your favorite backpack.

GORE® R5 GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Light Long Sleeve Shirt

Soft & light, this shirt gives you the protection of a jacket with the breathability of a much thinner layer. GORE® WINDSTOPPER® fabric offers windproofing & water repellancy to ensure you can run your best, even when the weather isn't cooperating.

GORE® R5 2in1 Shorts

These shorts are designed for dedicated and serious runners. When your workout takes you through mixed terrain, the fixed inner tight will provide support for your muscles without hindering movement, and still maintain the look of a loose short.

GORE® R7 Split Shorts

Enjoy freedom of movement from a lightweight short, and the freedom to run as far as your legs will take you thanks to the unhindered performance of this split short. When you're intent on running far, don't let your equipment choices hold you back.

GORE® R3 Short Tights

The GORE® R3 Short Tights are a great companion for warm weather running. The lightweight short will easily fit in your gym bag for when you need a workout. A zippered rear pocket is great for your essentials when you head out the door.


GORE® R3 Women Shirt

Made from the softest fabric that GORE® has ever used, this minimal running shirt will make you feel great during your runs & yoga sessions. Moisture management is taken care of thanks to breathable material, while the low neckline prevents chafing.

GORE® C3 Women Sleeveless Jersey

Warm days on the trails are all about feeling the sun on your back while riding with your friends. The next time you head out to your favourite riding spot, leave all but the essentials at home, and take this jersey with you instead.

GORE® R3 Women Light Sleeveless Shirt

This top is made for comfort. The narrow back allows for a full range of motion, and the flat seams ensure that the garment won't rub the skin. A practical pocket on the inside keeps things handy.

GORE® R3 Women Sleeveless Shirt

Keeping cool during your hard workouts is key to success and enjoyment. This light and airy-feeling singlet has enhanced breathability built-in, thanks to moisture managing fabric. The slim fit will complement your runs and yoga sessions perfectly.

GORE® R7 Women 2in1 Shorts

For the long run: GORE® R7 Women 2in1 shorts will support you from the beginning to the end of your training. This short gives you ultimate freedom of movement whether you're on the road, track or trail. This short is great for those vital workouts.

GORE® R5 Women 3/4 Tights

The GORE® R5 Women 3/4 Tight is designed to be breathable & comfortable on every workout: from strenuous weekend trail runs, to quick pre-work jogs. Flat-lock seams & soft touch fabric prevent chafing, whether you're at the beginning or end of a run.

GORE® R3 Women Short Tights

The GORE® R3 Women Short Tights are the warm weather option when nothing can get between you and a much needed workout. Reflective detailing means you can be easily seen, and the zippered pocket is perfect for bringing your phone and keys with you.

GORE® R5 Women Short Tights

When the weather warms up, the ventilated mesh paneling on the GORE® R5 Women Short Tights will keep you cool and in control. If you're running pre-work or post-work, the reflective logo makes for a safe and functional short for all workouts.

Staying dry with GORE-TEX®

Even if the rain is pouring and you're sweating our apparel keeps you dry. Guaranteed. This may sound impossible but in the GORE-TEX fabric there are billions of tiny pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a water drop but 700 times larger than water vapor. Rain is kept out while perspiration vaporizes, meaning you'll stay dry no matter what. Nothing to it really, just cutting edge science.